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Partech International : Partners in technology
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Background & History
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Founded in 1982, Partech International is a leading global venture capital firm with offices in the U.S., Europe and Israel. With $650M under active management, our investment team focuses exclusively on Information Technology. Specific areas where we invest include Software, Healthcare IT, and Communications & Components. In each of these sectors, our team diligently sources companies with high return potential and disruptive technologies.

It is our belief that "technology is global" and therefore, venture capital must be global. This global way of thinking and investing is not a new strategy for us. We have successfully executed this approach for over twenty years and like to think of ourselves as pioneers of international venture capital. Some of our globally successful companies include: Ascend Communications, Alvarion, Business Objects, Cadence, CSG Systems, Digital Island, Informatica, Pentasafe and Vignette.

Partech's successful "International Venture Model" has been instrumental in building innovative start-ups into global leaders.
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